SMAART Medical Systems, your SMAART Decision in Healthcare
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?

SMAART History

SMAART Medical Systems, Inc. has been developing, manufacturing and providing support for products and services in radiology since 2003. SMAART’s primary focus is on radiology workflow systems such as PACS, i.e. Picture Archive and Communications Systems and RIS, i.e Radiology Information Systems. These systems automate and manage the transmitting, receiving, management, archiving, and processing of medical images. SMAART’s state-of-the-art technology is specifically designed to optimize network and Internet applications of PACS and RIS.

“SMAART offers a user friendly, full-featured and totally reliable PACS. I am very impressed with the professional staff and outstanding technical support they provide us. It was a great decision to go with SMAART.”
Albert Acosta
Radiology & Specialty Clinic Director
Critical Access Hospital, Texas
“Working with SMAART Medical Systems for the past few years has been great. We purchased our first PACS system from them and have been very pleased. Their technical support is the best and I would recommend a SMAART-PACS to anyone.”
Lisa Kroening
Director of Radiology
County Hospital, Arkansas

SMAART’s secondary focus is to provide PACS-related products and services for our clients including dictation systems, interoperability interfaces, disaster recovery services and specialty workstations used for mammography, cardiology and orthopedics. SMAART provides hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers with the necessary tools to allow these facilities to operate in today’s digital, government regulated, cost conscious environment.

SMAART’s future is to support the radiology sector of healthcare with not only the workflow infrastructure (such as PACS and RIS) but the advanced tools and services necessary to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. SMAART’s unique expertise in PACS is complimented by its vast experience in computers, software, systems interoperability, security and networks so that the company will continue to offer ever increasing value to its customers.