The SMAART Radiology Information System

The SMAART-RIS brings increased productivity and cost savings to radiology by automating and managing common workflow tasks such as scheduling, patient tracking, report generation, and results distribution. This automation improves radiology efficiency, reduces mistakes, and provides better service to patients and physicians. The SMAART-RIS is easily interfaced to work with other IT solutions in your facility such as EHR, billing and practice management systems.

In conjunction with SMAART’s PACS solution, the SMAART-RIS provides a fully digital environment within radiology and to its physician community. From patient scheduling to billing and collections, every process in the workflow is automated and managed by the SMAART-RIS.

The SMAART-RIS provides affordable technology to even the most cost conscious center. It can be purchased as an entire system or as individual component modules together with a SMAART-PACS. SMAART is completely interoperable and has been integrated with most other healthcare systems.

Click here to download a specification sheet in PDF format.