SMAART Medical Systems, your SMAART Decision in Healthcare
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?

The Company

SMAART Medical Systems, Inc. is a fifteen-year old healthcare technology company serving radiology departments in community and specialty hospitals, community clinics, and private practices throughout the US. SMAART develops, sells and supports radiology workflow management systems called PACS and RIS. SMAART brings its affordable technology together with the services and expertise to use this technology to our customers, their referring physicians and radiologists. SMAART’s web-based PACS and RIS are supplied “turnkey”, i.e. SMAART provides everything necessary to fully utilize its solutions with a special emphasis on Internet, network usage and tele-radiology. SMAART’s customers choose SMAART and then go about running their business – they don’t have to worry about technology, Internet or computers.

Helping Community Hospitals and Clinics with PACS Technology and Interoperability

In radiology departments of community hospitals, clinics and stand-alone imaging centers, SMAART provides PACS and RIS solutions delivering the cost savings and productivity improvements of the “filmless” environment.

“We’ve never been let down or disappointed with SMAART. They typically know you have a problem before you do. Their expertise and service is nothing short of exemplary.”
Rob Martin, AAS, A+
Director of Information Systems
Regional Medical Center, Arizona

“We have used SMAART for over 4 years now. We successful interfaced our SMAART- PACS with our Heathland HIS system. SMAART delivered a full-featured PACS, which we have found to be totally reliable. We would definitely recommend the company and its products.”
Bryce Quebodeaux
Asst. Administrator
Critical Access Hospital, Louisiana

SMAART is the most cost-effective PACS/RIS provider available in its markets. While SMAART’s solutions immediately pay for themselves through film, staff time and workflow savings, they also have the lowest price and cost of ownership in the industry. SMAART offers every pricing model in the market today, from outright purchase, to leasing, to rentals, to per-study pricing. No other company in healthcare offers this all-encompassing solution to both the radiology center and its physician community – and all at the most affordable prices.

Helping Referring Physicians and Radiologists use Teleradiology

SMAART’s solutions not only provide a filmless environment in the hospital or center, but also extend it to encompass the physicians and radiologists who use the images. In physicians’ practices, SMAART’s solutions improve the doctors’ service to their patients, offer new income opportunities, and save money by improving productivity. Thanks to SMAART’s proprietary network technology, remote doctors can actually receive the patient’s images before the patient leaves the radiology department. With SMAART’s advanced visualization tools, radiologists and physicians can read studies in less time and with more accuracy for better patient care. SMAART’s managed service approach enables physicians to use these cutting-edge tools without having to make the traditional large initial investments in technology and staff.