SMAART Medical Systems, your SMAART Decision in Healthcare
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?
Interoperability: Is your PACS interfaced with your EMR and Radiologist?

Why Make a SMAART Decision

A SMAART decision is your decision to meet the PACS and RIS needs of your business with the best product at the best price, i.e. the best value. It’s a SMAART decision to select the PACS with the best customer support. It’s a SMAART decision to use a “turnkey” solution to minimize many man-hours of implementation and operation – without the use of expensive project management consultants or valuable IT staff. When you make a SMAART decision, you aren’t just buying software to assemble on your hardware. You are buying a “worry free” turnkey solution. That’s why your only decision should be a SMAART decision.

“Being in a very rural area, SMAART’s turnkey PACS solution has been the best decision we ever made. We could not have operated effectively for the last 7 years without their wonderful service and support.”
Elizabeth Kennedy
Administrator / CEO
Critical Access Hospital, Alabama
“Going with a SMAART-PACS was an excellent choice for our healthcare facility. It has been very well received by all our providers. SMAART has truly awesome technical support. I highly recommend this vendor’s PACS.”
Dee Oldenbroek
Director of Radiology
Medical Center, Arkansas

While a SMAART solution is usually the lowest priced solution available, its value goes far beyond price. SMAART provides a business model appropriate for your facility, systems engineering, network design and network security consulting, modality coordination, workflow redesign, training, customer support, Internet expertise, off-site backup services and system monitoring. A SMAART solution also means that you are in control. If you have in-house experts who normally perform some of these tasks, your SMAART representative will custom design a solution for your unique situation. You only buy what you need.

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So go ahead, make a SMAART decision. You won’t regret it. Call your SMAART representative today at (972) 934-4600 to explore your options with us. And then you can join the many facilities that folks who have made SMAART decisions and are glad they did.