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SMAART Medical Systems, Inc.

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    SMAART Medical Systems, Inc.

    Switch Today: Save Big with SMAART-PACS, Streamline Workflow

    Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

    Embrace the future of radiology with SMAART-PACS, your solution to soaring operational expenses. Tailored for Critical Access and Specialty Hospitals, our system promises up to 60% savings on PACS costs. Featuring cutting-edge security, seamless interoperability, and 24/7 expert support, SMAART-PACS not only cuts expenses but revolutionizes patient care. Make the smart switch today and witness unparalleled workflow efficiency.

    Our Products

    Discover SMAART-PACS: Affordable, efficient radiology solutions designed to reduce costs and improve patient care for hospitals and clinics nationwide.

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    Interested in elevating your radiology practice with SMAART? Reach out now for more information on our innovative PACS solutions and start your journey towards operational excellence.

      Radiology Reinvented: Seamless Integration, Superior Support

      Step into the next generation of radiology with SMAART-PACS, where innovation meets functionality. Our system is designed for the modern medical environment, offering advanced features like fingerprint login, 3rd generation teleradiology, and interoperability with non-compliant modalities. With SMAART, you gain not just a product but a partnership, ensuring your radiology department operates at peak efficiency with robust, user-friendly tools and unparalleled technical support.

      Read Our Client Reviews

      Dive into real stories from our satisfied clients and see how SMAART-PACS transformed their radiology practices. From cost savings to workflow enhancements, our reviews showcase the true impact of choosing SMAART for all your radiological needs. Join our community of success and innovation today.

      "SMAART offers a user friendly, full-featured and totally reliable PACS. I am very impressed with the professional staff and outstanding technical support they provide us. It was a great decision to go with SMAART."

      Albert Acosta

      Radiology & Specialty Clinic Director
      Critical Access Hospital, Texas

      "I have been in IT for many years and worked with many different vendors (hundreds), I can honestly say that SMAART has the best customer support and sales of anyone that I have EVER worked with. This is one vendor you can rest assure that you need not to worry about. You’re in good hands with SMAART!!"

      Mike Di Pasquale

      Director Information Technology

      "We adore SMAART’s service. They answer the phone quickly, usually immediately answer our questions since they build SMAART PACS."

      Amy Campbell

      Director of Radiology

      "We've had SMAART for about ten years. They are very cost effective and always there when you need them."

      Kevin Owens

      Clinic Owner

      "We’ve run our business for seven years on the SMAART PACS. They service is very cost effective and they even help us with our teleradiology IT questions."

      Dexter Hill

      Practice Manager

      "Working with SMAART Medical Systems for the past few years has been great. We purchased our first PACS system from them and have been very pleased. Their technical support is the best and I would recommend a SMAART-PACS to anyone."

      Lisa Kroening

      Director of Radiology
      County Hospital, Arkansas

      "We’ve had SMAART for over 10 years and they are always there when you need them."

      Thomas J. Zekan, M.D.

      Founding Radiologist
      Teleradiology Practice, West Virginia

      "We’ve never been let down or disappointed with SMAART. They typically know you have a problem before you do. Their expertise and service is nothing short of exemplary."

      Rob Martin, AAS, A+

      Director of Information Systems
      Regional Medical Center, Arizona

      "We have used SMAART for over 4 years now. We successful interfaced our SMAART- PACS with our Heathland HIS system. SMAART delivered a full-featured PACS, which we have found to be totally reliable. We would definitely recommend the company and its products."

      Bryce Quebodeaux

      Asst. Administrator
      Critical Access Hospital, Louisiana

      "Being in a very rural area, SMAART’s turnkey PACS solution has been the best decision we ever made. We could not have operated effectively for the last 7 years without their wonderful service and support."

      Elizabeth Kennedy

      Administrator / CEO
      Critical Access Hospital, Alabama

      "Going with a SMAART-PACS was an excellent choice for our healthcare facility. It has been very well received by all our providers. SMAART has truly awesome technical support. I highly recommend this vendor’s PACS."

      Dee Oldenbroek

      Director of Radiology
      Medical Center, Arkansas

      SMAART Assistance Uninterrupted

      Welcome to a realm of support where every call is a priority, and every issue finds its resolution swiftly. Our 'Go to Assist' feature brings our experts directly to your screen, providing real-time, step-by-step guidance. This personalized approach ensures your team is never left in the dark, fostering a learning environment that grows with your needs. Experience support as it should be: immediate, effective, and tailored to keep your radiology operations running smoothly around the clock.

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