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SMAART Medical Systems, Inc.

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    A SMAART image sharing service designed to improve exam distribution to other hospitals, providers and patients. SMAART-Share uses a QR-Code accessed “Cloud” distribution system for recipients to conveniently access desired radiological exams and other PHI from the “Cloud”. This makes patient information available from virtually anywhere. The recipients may either view the images in the diagnostic-quality SMAART viewer or download the DICOM data for use in their own systems. SMAART-Share advantages:

    • Eliminates Patient CDs
    • Inexpensive and Convenient
    • Simple to Use
    • FDA-Cleared, Zero Footprint Diagnostic Viewer
    • Enables Remote Diagnosis/li>
    • Solves most CD-reading Issues
    • Highly Secure
    • Download or View Exams

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