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SMAART Medical Systems, Inc.

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    About Us

    SMAART History

    Since 2003, SMAART Medical Systems, Inc. has been at the forefront of radiological innovation, focusing on enhancing radiology workflow systems. By developing advanced PACS and RIS technologies, SMAART has revolutionized the way medical images are handled, promoting efficiency and accessibility. Their technology facilitates seamless transmission, storage, and management of radiological data, ensuring optimal use of network and Internet resources. SMAART’s dedication to improving radiology practices underscores their commitment to healthcare progress and excellence.

    Beyond primary technologies, SMAART extends its expertise to offer comprehensive PACS-related solutions, including dictation systems and disaster recovery services. Their specialized workstations cater to various medical fields, supporting the digital transformation of healthcare facilities. By providing essential tools for today’s digital and regulatory landscape, SMAART enables hospitals and diagnostic centers to deliver superior care while navigating cost pressures effectively, embodying their role as a pivotal support system in the medical community.

    Future Vision

    Envisioning a cost-efficient, outcome-oriented future in radiology, SMAART aims to supply cutting-edge tools and services. Their unique blend of expertise in PACS, coupled with extensive knowledge in computer and network security, positions SMAART to enhance healthcare delivery. This forward-looking approach ensures that SMAART will remain an invaluable partner in healthcare, contributing to improved patient care through innovative technology and service solutions, marking a steadfast commitment to the evolution of radiological practices.

    SMAART Management

    Peter J. Foster

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Peter J. Foster has over 35 years’ experience successfully managing companies in technology markets. His extensive general management experience involves both large and small companies and all phases of startup and high growth businesses. He has managed companies through acquisitions, mergers, sales, strategic alliances, private equity financings and IPOs. Mr. Foster has a technical background with an engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and holds 17 patents in technology applications. He has spoken at numerous technical conferences and written a book on speech recognition technology.

    David Donahue

    Chief Financial Officer

    David Donahue has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, software, telecommunications and retail industries. Prior to joining SMAART, Mr. Donahue served as CFO and shareholder for Budget Prepay. During his tenure he developed and managed the operating budgets, financial models, year-end audits, tax reporting, and compliance issues for Budget Prepay. David represents and testifies for Budget Prepay on all ETC (Eligible Telecommunications Carrier) state and federal applications. VCFO, a regional consulting firm where he used his wealth of knowledge and expertise in accounting, finance, operations, audit, human resource management and software implementations for companies such as: Holly Corporation, Capps Car Rentals, HealthVision, Viscern, Skywire Software and more. Prior to joining VCFO, Mr. Donahue served as the CFO for Axtive Corporation, a publicity-traded integrated technology solution provider for middle market companies. Prior to Axtive Corporation, Mr. Donahue served as Controller of Philips Speech Processing North and South America, a division of Philips Electronics, a provider of speech technology for telecom applications.

    Mr. Donahue received his BS in Accounting from Louisiana Tech University and received his CPA in 1990.

    John M. Turner

    Chief Technical Officer

    John M. Turner brings more than 12 years’ experience in network operations and software development ranging from small start-ups to large public companies. Mr. Turner received his degrees in Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Prior to SMAART, Mr. Turner founded Abound Software, a software development company providing software solutions to government bodies like The United States Marine Corps, United States Justice Department as well as software solutions to other countries.

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