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SMAART Medical Systems, Inc.

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    Radiology Workflow Automation

    SMAART-RIS: A sophisticated PACS-based information system designed to streamline scheduling, patient tracking, report generation, and results distribution.

    • Integrated with SMAART-PACS
    • Single or Multiple Radiologists
    • Exam Scheduling Module
    • Dictation with Speech Recognition
    • Efficient Exam Results Generation
    • Separate Provider Worklists
    • Seamless Results Distribution
    • Administrative Reports Suite
    • Comprehensive Billing Integration
    • User Created Reports
    • Interoperable with other Healthcare Systems
    • Shared Hardware with SMAART-PACS
    • No IT Resources Required – Turnkey Operation
    • Lockouts to prevent double reads

    The SMAART-RIS offers cost-effective technological solutions tailored to meet the needs of budget-conscious practices. Available for purchase as a complete system or in individual modules, this system, alongside SMAART-PACS, offers full interoperability and has achieved integration across a vast range of healthcare systems, representing an invaluable asset for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of radiology services.



    Maximize EMR Incentives Now

    Discover the power of SMAART Certified Electronic Medical Record Solution, your all-in-one platform designed to streamline patient record management. Leveraging our sophisticated technology, healthcare professionals can enhance patient care quality, ensure data security, and comply with regulatory standards. Embrace the future of healthcare with SMAART, where efficiency meets innovation, making meaningful use of Electronic Medical Records easier than ever.

    • Streamlined Patient Record Management
    • Enhanced Data Security Measures
    • Regulatory Compliance Made Simple
    • Innovative Healthcare Technology Solutions
    • Efficient Quality Care Delivery

    Take the first step towards transforming your practice with SMAART’s Certified EMR Solution. Unlock potential incentive payments and elevate your healthcare delivery. Contact SMAART today for more information on making meaningful use of Electronic Medical Records a reality in your practice.


    Digital Workflow Simplified

    Transform your document management with SMAART-SCAN. Achieve unparalleled efficiency in integrating forms and reports into your digital workflow. Whether it’s through the standalone SMAART-Scan software, integrated scanning with SMAART-PACS and SMAART-RIS, or the ease of EZReport™ and eDOCS™, SMAART delivers cost-effective, seamless solutions. Elevate your electronic document handling today.

    • Standalone SMAART-Scan Module
    • Integrated Document Scanning Solutions
    • EZReport™ Uploading Convenience
    • eDOCS™ Direct Input Forms
    • Seamless Electronic Workflow Integration

    Explore SMAART’s comprehensive suite for digital document management. From standalone software to fully integrated systems and direct electronic input forms, SMAART enhances your workflow efficiency. Contact us for a tailored solution that propels your digital transformation forward.

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