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SMAART Medical Systems, Inc.

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    Who Is SMAART

    SMAART: Radiology Innovation Pioneers

    SMAART Medical Systems, Inc., established over fifteen years ago, specializes in enhancing radiology departments across the US with advanced PACS and RIS systems. By providing turnkey, web-based solutions, SMAART eliminates the complexity of technology integration for its clients, offering everything needed for seamless operation. Their emphasis on affordability, combined with comprehensive support and training, ensures that healthcare providers can focus on patient care without the stress of managing technological infrastructure, making SMAART a leading choice in radiology workflow management.

    SMAART stands out by offering the most cost-effective PACS/RIS solutions in the market, designed for filmless radiology environments. This not only brings substantial cost savings in film and staff time but also enhances workflow efficiency. With flexible pricing models including purchases, leasing, and per-study options, SMAART caters to diverse financial needs. Their technology fosters improved patient care by enabling quick and accurate image sharing among radiologists and referring physicians, setting a new standard in radiology efficiency and interoperability at an unmatched value.

    Empowering Teleradiology Nationwide

    SMAART’s innovative solutions extend beyond the hospital, transforming teleradiology for referring physicians and radiologists. By leveraging proprietary network technology, doctors can access patient images instantly, fostering timely and accurate diagnostics. SMAART’s advanced visualization tools and managed service approach minimize the need for large upfront investments, making cutting-edge radiology accessible to all. This not only improves patient outcomes but also opens new revenue streams for physicians, emphasizing SMAART’s role in advancing healthcare through technology while prioritizing patient care and practitioner efficiency.

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